Keston Gas Boilers - Discontinued

Greenheat supply and fit all models of Keston Boilers. Below is guide for the most popular models from the current range and suitable applications.

Please note boiler types and sizes are only suggestions. We would suggest these are all checked for the output needed for your property. Water storage means that you have a method of storing water in your home ie. a hot water cylinder or an unvented hot water cylinder.

Keston C30 Combi Boiler

Studios, Small Flats and Small Houses - No Water Storage [ Back to Top ]

Keston C 30 Combi

Offering first-class comfort in a compact, wall-hung appliance small enough to fit inside a standard kitchen cupboard*, the Keston 30C combination boiler enables heating and hot water to be controlled independently, ensuring maximum comfort and efficiency. The Keston C30 combination boiler can be sited almost anywhere in the home, without the need for a separate tank. Because it connects to the unique Keston twin-flue system, the boiler can be situated anywhere up to 21 metres from the flue outlet, helping to provide further flexibility when required. Fully modulating, the 30C provides excellent energy savings, making it the perfect choice for new or replacement installations alike.

Keston C36 Boiler

Keston C 36 combi

The Keston C36 condensing combination boiler delivers a powerful yet simple solution for the modern home. Quick and easy to install, the C36 combi is suitable for medium-to-large properties, while a large flow rate of up to 17.0L/mins means that the appliance can cater for even the busiest of families. The compact C36 is supplied with an outside sensor and an optional indoor time/temperature control is available to ensure the unit runs at optimum efficiency delivering a precise level of comfort. Compact and lightweight, installation of the Keston C36 is made even easier thanks to the low voltage, two-core cabling.

Keston Q28h Boiler

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Keston Q 28h

The Q28H combines a compact size with powerful performance. With dimensions of only H680 x W390 x D280 and a weight of just 35kg, the Q28H can be sited virtually anywhere for a quick and hassle-free installation. The Q28H has all the cost and energy-saving benefits of condensing technology, combined with a speedy, uncomplicated and straightforward installation. Featuring an integral control system for auxiliary energy, such as solar thermal, the Q28H provides a flexible solution for new and replacement installations and ensures the seamless integration of renewable energy sources.

Keston Q28s boiler

Keston Q 28s

This fully modulating gas condensing boiler features advanced integral controls that provide a suite of options to ensure optimum performance is delivered to you at all times. For total control, the Q28S also features an integral speed-controlled pump to ensure water flow rates and burner rates are perfectly matched. The Keston Q28S has all the cost and energy-saving benefits of condensing technology, combined with a speedy, uncomplicated and straightforward installation. With dimensions of H700 x W435 x D280 and a weight of just 43kg, the Q28S has can be sited virtually anywhere. With no compartment ventilation required, it can even be installed in a standard kitchen cupboard*.

Keston Q37 Boiler

3 or 4 Bedroom House - With Water Storage [ Back to Top ]

Keston Q 37h

The Q37H heating only boiler offers a compact, highly-efficient product, which delivers a massive 37kW of power – perfect for larger domestic properties. As with all Keston boilers, weather compensation control comes as standard and twin thermostat capability ensures that the boiler is suitable for under floor heating or systems with multiple zones. Performance optimisation is achieved by an integral speed controlled pump, which ensures water flow rates and burner rates are perfectly matched. A key feature of the Q37H is the ability to bring pipe connections to the top or bottom of the unit, saving pipes being routed behind the boiler, while fluing options are incredibly flexible thanks to the option of a 50mm PVC waste pipe system

Keston C45 Boiler

Keston C 45

When the job calls for powerful performance, look no further than the Keston C45. Delivering a massive 45kW output, the Keston C45 boiler is ideal for a larger domestic or a smaller commercial setting. The C45 is wall mounted and straightforward to install. Siting the product is also hassle free thanks to a 50mm PVC-C plastic flue system which enables the boiler to be installed up to 20 meters from the flue outlet. The C45 has a twin thermostat as standard. This smart technology enables the boiler to switch between two temperature settings, making it perfect for situations where two different water temperatures are required, such as in under floor heating. Delivering total home comfort, the C45 is exceptionally easy to use, making it a perfect solution for both new build and retrofit installations alike.

Keston C55 Boiler

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Keston C 55

The Keston C55 provides the perfect solution for the larger property requiring an efficient and reliable heat only appliance. Designed to save space, the wall-mounted C55 delivers a fully modulating output from 12.5kW to 55kW. t is exceptionally easy to fit with prefabricated multiple boiler assemblies to assist a speedy installation. With front access the only requirement, the C55 is also easy to maintain. Everything about the C55 is simple and straight forward. The design for example , incorporates a single pass heat exchanger, which avoids the complications that can be experienced with other condensing boilers.Delivering total comfort, the C55 is exceptionally easy to use, making it a perfect solution for both new build and retrofit installations alike.

Keston C90 Boiler

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Keston C 90

Compact yet powerful, the Keston C90 delivers up to a 90kW output in a unit only 337mm deep and 1,000mm long. Combining high-efficiency single pass stainless steel heat exchangers with ultra-low emission burners, the C90 provides a complete no nonsense single unit solution ideal for commercial settings. Made from the highest quality stainless steel, the heat exchangers are corrugated to provide a massive surface area within a compact space, whilst maximising efficiency and preventing corrosion. Complete peace of mind and total performance can be achieved thanks to this powerful, compact and efficient solution, making the unit an ideal choice for new-build and replacement installations alike.

Keston C110 Boiler

Keston C 110

The Keston C110 is wall-mounted and fully modulating, providing output from 28kW to 110kW. As is the case with all Keston boilers, it has an extremely high efficiency performance of up to 98 percent (GCV).The C110 has been developed based on the needs of both the installer and the end-user, making it quick and easy to install, easy to use and extremely reliable. Featuring dual-flow technology, the C110 can deliver two different flow temperatures at the same time, whilst maintaining low temperature heating output for under-floor or weather-compensated heating. This technology allows the boiler to provide two flow and return tapping pairs, for separate connection to heating and hot water circuits.

Boiler Rig

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In large spaces where maximum performance is needed, Keston condensing boiler rigs provide the perfect solution. Keston boiler rigs are delivered to site pre-assembled or in modular format for easy installation in tight situations. A rig can incorporate up to five units within a floor-standing frame, while a dual boiler wall hung rig is also available. The units are pre-piped to a single balance header, ensuring ease of control. Keston condensing boiler rigs are ideal for use in factories, commercial and public buildings